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Different styles, Similar passions.

 I am a firm believer in encouraging others and dreaming big, so I jump at the opportunity to collaborate with other creatives! This is a “feature post” of my dear friends’ work highlighting their similarities and differences which make this world a better, beautiful place.

Oh it is pure joy to introduce two talented bloggers, Paige and Katie. These creative souls have been best friends since high school and are two peas in a pod. Coincidently, after parting ways for college, they independently decided to start their own blogs. I love how P + K support each other in this journey of blogging!

Even living in two separate states, with unique blogs and different styles, Katie and Paige have similar passions for fashion, loving life, people, and glorifying the Lord.

Paige’s site, To the Moon and Back, is a lifestyle blog containing a lil bit of everything for everyone, encompasing recipes, encouragement, photos, DIY projects, fashion, and more! She is a wise beyond her twenty years and is studying English at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee. Her style is described as comfortable, organic, and earthy with a mix of tomboy and feminine objects. Seriously, Paige’s blog is so genuine and her messages are empowering and relateable. You’ve gotta check it out!

Katie’s site, Lady K, is a fashion blog highlighting all things clothes, style, and trend related. Katie embodies the attributes of lovely, professional, fierce, poised, and womanly. Always. She’s a go-getter and studying fashion merchandise at Auburn University in Alabama. Her style is described as clean lined classic with a boldness for mixing patterns. Oh my, her outfit inspirations and insight to this industry is so enlightening. You gotta check out this fashionista’s blog!

Paige + Katie are so inspiring and I can’t wait to see where their blog takes them. Keep doing what you love and dream big!lovelizPINIMAGE

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{Liz} Why did you start this blog?

{Paige} Well to be quite honest, I started this blog as a creative outlet my Freshman year of college as I felt almost stir-crazy sitting in these monochrome dorm rooms with no life and happiness. All of the Freshman class at Belmont was obsessed with music, and I just didn’t click with them. I didn’t make friends easily because I wasn’t involved in music and felt like I couldn’t fit in. I started writing this blog as an escape. I felt like the activities around me were absolutely empty of purpose and meaning. I just kept praying for the Lord to provide me with a way to contribute meaning back into the world, and He gave me the vision to start a blog. With encouragement from my friends and family, I started writing. After a year, the blog has made its way from being a hobby, an escape from daily frustration, to a lifestyle and message blog encouraging everyone, wherever they are in life, in between place and space, to a place where they can feel at home. In the journey of this blog, I have decided to focus on friends, family, faith, features, food, fashion, and overall fun. “To the Moon and Back” combines all of the magnificent things that bring me joy while hoping to bring glory to our great Creator.

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{Liz} Why did you start this blog?

{Katie} I started Lady K to attempt what I considered the “impossible”: fusing together revealing the glory of the Lord through a dark industry. I think behind that, as well, I was tired of talking and planning boldness, I was ready to act on my dreams and actively take a step forward in developing my skill set all the while proclaiming the glory outward.

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{Liz} What are your passions?

{Katie} It has been incredible to see how the Lord has been grooming my heart towards fashion and branding. I love developing a pre-existing brand and fine tuning someone else’s vision. At the core of it, I enjoy seeking the betterment of other’s and encouraging them beyond what they believe they can produce or be. I find too often we underestimate ourselves and end up living in fear. There is freedom, not fear, in our Father’s name!

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{Liz} What are your passions?

{Paige} My faith— In this blog, I hope to dive into my everyday struggles, realities, and revelations that the Lord continues to provide in all the areas of my life. I feel as if the Lord continues to pour into me when I am pouring into His world. I am passionate about people and relationships. I have a desire for people to believe in themselves, feel motivated, and feel like they are loved no matter their situation or place. I hope to encourage and inspire people in the highest and lowest moments of their life. I am a dreamer that continually enjoys pouring into literature, art, music, and dance. At the heart of my being, I feel like creativity radiates from my bones. I love to explore these mediums on my blog and find purpose in these gifts. I am passionate about traveling, cultures, and service work. I want to be a world changer, and whether that is through words or actual work, I want to cross the globe and make a difference. I love baking and aspiring to make a new concoction. At times, I feel like the most at peace with a mixer in my hand and flour all over my shirt. My Nashville community continues to inspire me to play around with my fashion, and I am constantly looking to see how my faith and fashion go hand in hand.

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{Liz} What do you want your viewers to take away/gain from your blog?

{Paige} When people read my blog, I want there to be a place of comfortability where they can sit at the end of a long day and find inspiration for their tomorrows. I want readers to feel like they can see purpose and meaning in being creative and aspiring to become more Christ-like in the activities they daily partake in. I want people to notice the little things they do in their everyday life and see Jesus in those moments. I am just another ordinary girl who is desires for the Lord to use her in extraordinary ways!

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{Liz} What do you want your viewers to take away/gain from your blog?

{Katie} I want people to be challenged to push beyond personal boundaries whether that be personally or through fashion. I want Lady K to foster discussion and promote vulnerability all the while pressing forward with the confidence that is found in keeping in tune with Jesus. I want others to recognize their full potential and to be spurred by the idea that they too could be combining their faith into their passions.

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{Liz} Tell us some fun facts about yourself!

{Paige} 1. ​I love Frozen more than any human truly should. In a different life, I would audition to become a Disney Princess…. 2. Usually I only order Chai Tea Lattes or Mochas at coffee shops. I actually hate the taste of coffee and so I drown it with chocolate and other yummy things. But I love coffee shops so you gotta get in somehow… 3.I want to have two dogs when I am older and name them: Ernest and Sherlock— after Ernest Hemingway and Sherlock Holmes. If I get a girl dog, her name will be Scout afterTo Kill a Mockingbird.

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{Liz} Tell us some fun facts about yourself!

{Katie} ​I previously used to live in the north and more specifically in a farm house where we had horses and a plentiful amount of acreage. Ironically, despite my more glamorous postings, I, in fact, still have a very down home side. I praise my parents for developing a humble appreciation for where I came from but the courage to hope for more, bettering both myself and my community.

untitled shoot-752PINIMAGE untitled shoot-757PINIMAGE untitled shoot-762PINIMAGE untitled shoot-766PINIMAGE << Paige’s essentials: >> untitled shoot-779PINIMAGE<< Katie’s essentials: >> untitled shoot-783PINIMAGE

Remember to check out www.ladykblog.comwww.tothemoonandbackblog.com to see more!

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